Passive Income For Bloggers, Teachers & Trainers

Do you train students? Are you working with salon owners?
Help them set their business up like a pro and get paid for the privilege!

Help Others

Get an exclusive discount code that you can give to students and salon owners. A website & booking system is a big plus for a salon type business. Even a startup mobile hairdresser can afford our low, fixed cost packages. Your 10% discount code will give them an extra incentive. They will benefit from getting their business online and running it like a pro!

Get Rewarded

We operate a private affiliate program. You are welcome to apply to join it. We will provide you with a unique discount code to give away and a unique referral link. When someone uses your code or clicks on your link and goes on to purchase a salon website. You get paid a commission. You continue to get paid each month, for as long as your referral is our client.

Simple & Fair

Everyone that buys a salon website package is automatically setup as an affiliate. That means that your students and salon owners can earn from their websites too! Like most web design companies, we place our link in the footer of the websites that we create. Unlike most web designers, ours is the clients affiliate link. We know from experience that people click those links. So why not share the benefits?

How To Join Our Affiliate Program

To join our affiliate program. Simply fill out the application form below. If your application is successful. We will send you a link to set up an account. 

What happens next?

We will create custom discount codes and affiliate links for you. We will also be happy to offer you one to one advice about using your links.  You can login to your affiliate account to see how your campaign is doing at any time.

From your dashboard, you can view details about your accounts activity,  request withdrawals and more.

The image below shows the users view of the dashboard. Please ignore the stats. We can’t show a real affiliates page.

How do I get paid?

As long as we know that a referral came from you. Our system will take care of the rest.

There are two ways that we can establish if a lead came from you:

  1. Your discount code will be uniquely yours. If someone uses it to buy an affiliate product from us. We will manually allocate the sale to your affiliate account when we set up the new clients account.
  2. Your affiliate link carries a unique tracking code. If someone clicks your link. A cookie is created and the sale is allocated to your account. If the user does not buy at this time. As long as they return to purchase an affiliate product within the next 90 days. The sale is automatically allocated to your account. After 90 days the cookie will expire and your sale will not be registered.

When a successful sale is made via your affiliate link or your discount code. The client will be linked to your account. You will be paid a commission for each successful sale.

Monthly Commissions:

For products or services that pay a monthly commission. You will continue to be paid each month, for as long as your referral remains our client. Please note that not all of our products and services pay an affiliate commission.

Commissions are available for withdrawal 15 days after the sale was completed. Our new clients have a 14 day cooling off period. If they cancel their order within 14 days. You will not receive a commision.

Withdrawing Your Money:

You can login and request a withdrawal from your account as long as the balance is greater than £25. This is to avoid overloading us with requests for small withdrawal amounts, as requests are processed manually.

Commissions are paid via PayPal. We will need your PayPal email address to send payments to you. We try to process all payment requests within 3 working days.

How much will I get paid?

Commissions may vary for different products and services. For a salon website (shown below). You will be paid a commission of 20% for the initial sale, plus 20% of the ongoing monthly payments.

Commissions are calculated as 20% of the sale price after any discounts have been applied and transaction processing fees have been deducted.

Some important rules to protect us both

Maintaining a good reputation is in both of our interests, so there are a few rules that we ask you to follow.

Rule number 1.  Ask for help & advice. We are only ever one email or one phone call away. We want you to get the best from our affiliate program. We can help you in many ways and we are only too happy to do so. If you are not sure about something, stuck for ideas or need help implementing your affiliate links? Just get in touch.

  • Do not link spam. It might be tempting to spread your affiliate link across social media platforms but it will land you in trouble with the social media companies and result in an abrupt end to our relationship. You can use social media to share a page containing your link but you must not post your affiliate link directly on social media platforms.
  • Do not email spam. You can personally send your link by email. You can send it to your mailing list but please do not start sending unsolicited emails, yourself or via the use of a third party.
  • No pay per click. We don't mind but most search engines will not allow you to post affiliate links in your PPC campaigns. As with social media. Most search engines will let you point your link to a page containing your affiliate link(s).
  • If in doubt. Call or email us. Don't take chances. "I didn't know" probably won't help your defence.

One on one help & advice

If doubt and unanswered questions are holding you back. JUST PICK UP THE PHONE OR EMAIL US!

We do everything we can to make it as easy as it possibly could be to earn extra income for your business. We will walk you through everything over the phone. We will give you advice, tips and ideas. We will do whatever we can to ensure that you don’t regret finding us.

Put us to the test. Give us a call today on 01424 307 724.

Get paid 20% to promote this service

Suitable for most businesses that require an appointment booking & client management system for their services.

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